Church @ CrossFit CDR

Church at a CrossFit Gym? Really? Why? Fitness and Church seems like a strange combination if you ask me. Well maybe not. A little over six months ago, I met the owners of CDR Redlands original CrossFit, Calvin and Rachel Davis. Calvin encouraged me to come in for a free trail workout. I thought to myself I’m in pretty decent shape. So why not? So I showed up to a class called “Legends” (A class for those 50 and over) at 7am. By 7:10 I was so winded that I felt that I was about to faint. It wasn’t that it was that difficult, I just had fooled myself that I was no way in the shape that I thought I was in. I realized that I need a fitness regimen and the Davis’s were the people I need to whip me into shape. So I’ve been CrossFitting for the last 7 months. Truly I’ve never felt better. One of the things I have noticed is the CrossFit community is just that, a community.. I have met someone of the greatest people, who have become great friends. We share a common unity. To be fit, healthy, and make great friends. So to me, church at a CrossFit gym makes perfect sense. So what would it look like? Church at CDR

* Come and meet some people for 15 minutes

* Hear a life changing message

* After the message, stretch and talk about what you heard.

* A free CrossFit work out by one of CDR professional trainers